Monday, 22 October 2012

Blythe Halloween costume- complete!

Hi guys,
As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I started working on a little Halloween costume for my Blythe dolls and today I finished it! Here is Mirabelle modelling her new witch outfit! :03 

I am very pleased with how it came out :D It is one of the more detailed costumes I have made for my dolls :) I added little beads to the front to give some sparkle and embroidered the neckline a bit too. The hat was really fun to make and I added a red ribbon band to make it match the dress!
Mirabelle can't wait to show her costume off at my halloween party I am having with friends on friday :oP  (We are having a party early as I will be in the IOW when it is actually Halloween.)

 Now I have finished my dolls costume I can start on mine, lol! I am going to be Mummy,I bought some bandages yesterday and dipped them in tea to 'age' them now Ive got to go shread my T-shirt a bit so I will be ready for Friday!

See you all soon,

Bye my lovely friends xxxx


  1. The Blythe outfit looks amazing! I wish I could make something as good as that!

  2. ^_^ I love her outfit! The little hat is very sweet.Hope you enjoy your party. Your costume sounds fun.

  3. aww she is looking so sweet xxx

  4. Goose: Thank you :D xxx

    Steph: Thank you :) I had a brilliant halloween party! very fun and lots of sweets! xxx

    cucki: Hehehe, thank you :0) xxx

    Springmusician: Thanks :-) I hope you are having tons and tons of fun at uni :-) xxx

  5. Wow, the costume is simply awesome, great job there!
    You guys do really nice works with blythe.
    I simply add some filters to a nice pic, and that's it!
    I'd like you to ahve a look

    Regards :D

  6. Nat: Thank you :D Your blog is really fun, hehhe I like the zombie blythe pic! :P


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