Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Christmas :oD


I hope you all had a super duper fabulosimos (lol :P) Christmas :D
I had a fantasitc day and got loads of amazing gifts thank you to my very genrous family, including an adjustable dress making mannequin (YAYYYYY! It is what I put on my list so I was so excited :), a giant cute pink piggy bank, a lovely new bag and a pretty scissor charm necklace and handmade 'love to sew' ceramic brooch (sp pretty!)
Tommorrow I am off to Disneyland Paris!!! :D I am verrrrrryyyy excited :-) I can't wait to look in all the shops and watch the parades :D And we are going shopping in paris!
I will have to take a blog vacation for the next six days whilst I am away though so I will see you all when I get back to share my news!
I hope you all have a lovely New Year! see you when I get back,

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