Friday, 4 January 2013

Im back, and a bit of an update :)

Hi  everyone!
I am back from my holiday now, I hope you all had super super happy New Year!!! :D Hehehe, I had a super time at Disneyland paris, here are some of the best holiday snaps:

These ones are of the Disney christmas parade :0)
My fave ride i went on was probably Space mountain on the last day with my mum, hehehe I thought it was going to be terrible so I was a bit nervous but it wasn't all that bad it was actually fun. In the shop I got a Tiana doll (from the Princess and the Frog) as her dress is my fave of all the princesses
In other news yesterday I went sale shopping and in John lewis I got a mini felt craft kit to make your own woodland friend felt toys, they are so suppperrr cute! The kit was by Paper and string, I reccommend checking out her blog/shop, all her felt kits are very sweet! I will post pics of my finished friends when they are done :-)
Soon I will also put up a pic of the purse I recently made from a kit my aunty got me for Christmas too.
See you all soon,
byeeee xxxxx
P.s. soon I will be setting up a page to put up pictures any of you lovely people send me of things you have made from any of my patterns or tutorials or makes inspired by any of my posts as I got a lovely pic of some mini octopuses from my patterns, too cute not to be shared!
Bye! :)

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