Monday, 25 March 2013

Cookies and cakes :)

As I mentioned the other day was my friends birthday :-) I wanted to make her something special as part of her gifts so I sat down to try and think of ideas. She really likes cute stuff and cookies so I came up with this little happy felt cookie purse:
I double up on the felt on each side to make it sturdier and added a little popper to close it.

It's a COOKIE you can keep your FORTUNE in lol! She liked it so I was pleased :D the little guy has gone to a good home! :0P
Hehehe, and now from cookies to cake...
Yesterday my nan, grandad and aunty came round to celebrate my nan and grandads 50th anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :). My dad made a delicious vegetarian roast for dinner and then I was in charge of dessert. I made these special 'Red Velvet Cookie Cakes' hehe my own kind of random creation!
The cakes weren't traditional red velvet I just made a deep red vanilla sponge and then topped with vanilla butter cream and crumbled white chocolate cookies:


The went down well and If I do say so myself I thought they were quite nice (I still think my dads cakes are actually perfection though!) :-P I was a bit worried the red would put everyone off but it didn't so that was good.

After all that sugar and sweetness I will give you all a rest now, lol!

See you all soon,

Byeeeeee xxx


  1. That is such a sweet purse! The cakes look amazing.

  2. Awww! Cute gift! And cute cupcakes!!! :P

  3. Oh and be sure to post what the surprise gift for the easter giveaway was!!!

  4. steph: Thank you :) xxx

    Alessia: Thanks! I will in the next post or so, I promise I won't forget :-) xxx

  5. ooooo super yummy they look awesome, the felt purse and the cakes

    very close to red velvet, which is chocolate cake that's red :P

  6. Fabulous purse! And wow those cakes look tasty!

  7. I love to make crafts and bake! Cool purse and cupcakes!


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