Sunday, 10 March 2013

Liebster blog award nominations!


As promised I am back with my list of liebster blog award nominees! There were many lovely blogs to choose from :)

1. Alyssa from 'Alyoops'
2. Steph from 'Show and Tell' - thank you for nominating me, I had to nominate you back! :D
3. Cucki from 'Cucki stitching cove'
4. Eleanor from 'My Life, MyThoughts, My Hobbies' (who has recently become engaged so congratulations to her! :D)
7. Lyndell from 'Fashioned by Lyndell'
8. Lori from 'Hippywitch crafts'
10. Kathy from 'Irish eyes knitters'
And here are my questions:
1. What is your favourite holiday destination?
2. What is your favourite type of food e.g. Mexican, Italian, etc...?
3. If you had an elephant what would you name it?
4. If you could do any job for a day what would it be?
5. If you had to change your name what would you change it too?
6. Do you play nay sports?
7. What is your favourite item of clothing you own?
8. Do you play any instruments?
9. Can you speak any other languages?
10. What is your favourite dessert?
11. Fruit or vegetables?
I hope you all had a super Mother's day today, me and my family went up the Shard in London and me and my mum watched pride and prejudice while I ate ice cream so It was a good day :0)
See you all soon,
Byee :-) xxx


  1. Answered the questions on my blog :) thank you, I'd never heard of this before, so had to research it :P

  2. awww sweet..
    thank you dear x

  3. THank you so very much for the award!!!!
    I appreciate it. I will work the meme soon!

  4. thanks for the award :-) I've been rather slack with posting of late ... but will try to do the questionnaire soon ...

  5. Aw thanks for the award Jordan! :D

  6. I just saw that I got nominated! I will fill out my part today :)

  7. Hehehe I am glad you are all happy :) You all definately deserve it! :0) xxx


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