Friday, 1 March 2013

The month of Mum :P

As most of you will know next Sunday is Mothers day :) As well as this it is also my mums birthday next Wednesday so I have been busy prepping for both occasions :P
My mum has recently been trying out some different styles so for her birthday I thought I would give her an accessory box, a little box filled with all different little bits for her to wear. I have bought a couple of things to go in the box but I have also been making some stuff to go in it so she has some super unique accessories too! Here is all the stuff I have made so far...

A flower zipper brooch:

A crochet and felt button flower brooch and a ribbon and button bracelet:

And finally a little fabric yo-yo and ribbon necklace:

It has been fun making them and experimenting with new techniques and mixing different items :) I hope my mum likes them all. I will probably make a few more things as every time I finish one thing I get another idea, lol :P
For Mothers day I think I am getting her a film for us to watch and some chocolate for her to enjoy. I am also going to try and get a cross stitch card done.
Hehehe, lots of crafting and so few days left! I bet get started on it again :-)
See you all soon, I hope you have a lovely weekend <3 p="">
Bye my lovely friends! XxXxXxX


  1. Lucky Mum.Those are some lovely makes.

  2. Hello,(again!)
    I have awarded you the Liebster award. You can read about it on my blog ^_^

  3. Lovely gifts Jordan! I'm sure your Mum will love them :-)

  4. steph: Thank you so much for the award! :-) ooohh how exciting! xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :o) xxx


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