Friday, 10 May 2013

My lovely class :)

Today was my last ever day at 6th form (just my exams to go in a month and then I am off to uni!).....
...... and also my last ever day of the textiles club I run for the Year sevens at the school.
I have been running it for a few months and a lovely little group have been coming, we have made pin cushions, fabric flowers, ribbon flowers, stitched heart decorations and cards and I have had a really great teaching them :)
Today I brought some lollipops for them and we made stitched strawberries as our finale project. I was blown away though as they had got together and made me this fabulous card and bought me a sewing kit and scissors too, and some of them had made me extra little handmade gifts too!
Look, look, look!:

Hehehe, the strawberry on the keyring is what we were making today (if anyone wants a tutorial for the strawberries I could post one up- they are very easy- you can let me know :)

I have started using this pin cushion already :-)

The gifts and card are so amazing, I love them soo much- and my sweet little class :o)
The sewing kit will be coming to uni with me- I'm sure it will come in very handy as it seems to have everryyythinggg!
See you all soon- I feel emotional again!,
Bye xxx


  1. Such sweethearts!!!!! I'd like to know how to make the strawberry, it would give me MUCH needed practice =D The sewing kit will totally come in handy, that's one of the most complete ones I've seen. You get emotional girl, enjoy it to the fullest and don't feel like a dork because of it. I would be emotional too and then feel like a dork but your not!!!

  2. Iesadora: Yes, they are! I will whip one up and put it up soon :) It is very complete- I was impressed too! Hehehe, thank you :P xxx

    cucki: I know, I am very lucky! :) xxx

    springmusician: I will miss them all! Hugs back :) xxx

  3. Soo sweet!!! Awww!!!!! xxx

  4. Alessia: I know, they were such a lovely bunch! xxx

  5. That is so lovely! How nice of them. Oh yes please! A strawberry tute would be very nice indeed.


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