Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hamtaro and friends!- adorable but forgotten

A while ago now I discovered the little Japanese hamster character Hamtaro (Illustrated by Ritsuko Kawai) but recently I did quite a bit more research and watched some episodes of it and found out he had a whole host of adorable friends too- and I got a bit addicted!
Image from: here
I searched on Ebay and managed to pick up this little Hamtaro Ham Ham house playset which came with tons of figures, oooh I love it :3
I was sad to find out though that Hamtaro is a bit of a forgotten character- I don't think any episodes are being made any more and pretty much all of the official Hamtaro products are not being produced anymore :(  (That's why I was so happy I managed to pick up my little house!)
But Hamtaro and friends are way too adorable to be forgotten!
As I say I got a bit addicted and..... here's the result...

Crochet hamster faces! :P They are so fun to make- I made up the pattern a couple of days ago- eventually I want to make the whole crew (so far I have only done Hamtaro, Bijou and Cappy :)
Hehehehe :P I'm off to make another couple now!
Lol, see you all soon,
Byeeeeeee xxxxxxxx :)


  1. OMG! Soooo cute! All three of them!!! So creative to crochet them! They could be coasters! Sooooo cute, I must say once more, C-U-T-E! xxx

    1. Ooh! And I forgot.. Those look soo much like Littlest Pet Shops... SOOO CUTE!

  2. cucki: Thanks :) xxx

    Alessia: Hehehe, thank you- I tried to get as good a likness as possible :-) Thats a good idea!

    They do actually- littlest pet shops are cute too :3 xxx

  3. Jordan I have a big(ish) Hamtaro soft toy. Do you want him? If so let me know (faeryfeller@yahoo.co.uk) You are most welcome to him. ^_^ Love your little crochet Hamtaros.

  4. Steph: Oooh, thank you :) What I kind and lovely offer :D I am off to email you now, I will of course send you some goodies/the postage in return! :-) xxx

    Thanks! xxx

  5. They're adorable!
    Have you seen Keroppi? I think you'd like him too

  6. Goose: Thank you :) Oh yes, keroppi the frog is very cute too! xxx


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