Thursday, 5 December 2013

I like christmas... can you tell?


I hope you all are having a good week so far :) I go home from uni tomorrow night, my dad is coming to pick me up in the evening! I am sooo excited, we will literally be 'driving home for christmas'! :P And when I get home I am presenting the hamper I have been putting together for many weeks for my family to them, hehehe fingers crossed they like everything otherwise I will have a lot to try and eat myself :P
I have lots of stuff planned that I want to do before Christmas (I have making up to do since for the last two years due to revising for A Levels I only took Christmas day off and now I have a whole month!) I have got to make some different bits for family and friends we will be seeing, cook some festive treats, set up my train set, make a Christmas outfit for me to wear (and look glam in :P) on Christmas eve, buy some Christmas clothes, read some sewing books, do a little bit of work, go to the tailors and dressmakers I used to go to- 4 times :), wrap prezzies and in general spend a lot of fun time with my lovely family!
(Hehehe and do lots of blogging of course :P)
Today I only had a half day at college, I came home and after I had had my lunch I was at a bit of a loose end seen as I have done my packing for home already because I am so excited! So I thought I would get started on a Christmassy project I decided I wanted to do this morning- make myself some elf boots :P:
Hehe, they are not done or anything yet, I just drafted up a pattern and then made a toile (tester) of one foot to check the style/fit. I think they will work out though so that made me happy. When I have perfected the pattern and made a full pair I am going to add a fun cuff of felt with points, which hang down :) I am also going to add a bell to the tip of the curved toes for extra fun and to give that true elf feel :P
Hehehe, I am off to do more dreaming about Christmas and my last bit of prepping for tomorrow!
Talk to you again soon,
Byeeeeeeeeeee xxx


  1. Ahhh I love the booties! When you've perfected them, you should have them in your folksy shop. I think I need some in my life!

    1. Thanks :0) Hahaha, who doesn't!?? lol xxx

  2. They are soooooo cute. you should sell the pattern aswell as the boots- so then people can either buy them made, or choose to make them themselves

    1. That is an idea, Quite a lot of people have shown interest in the elf boots so I was thinking that, because I don't have time before Christmas now to make a pattern and check fitting of different sizes, maybe I can put some up in the new year, in less Christmassy fabric so they are more like sprite/fairy boots? What do you think? xxx


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