Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Busy as an elf :P


Although I am off college for my Christmas Holidays now I have been keeping myself super busy completing all the different activities I wanted to do from the list in last post and more!

This week I have done more work on my elf boot pattern and have managed to completely finish one of them:

Fully lined with glittery Christmassy coloured fabric too :P
Just the other one to stitch up now, which shouldn't be too hard since I have made one of them I now know the easiest way to do everything. I reckon I will have them on my feet by Saturday morning as I have some time to sew tomorrow evening and Friday morning- between work at the tailors/dressmakers and me and my friends Christmas party :D
Hehehe, then I really can run around like a mad, busy elf, lol!
Other festive crafting I am doing involves making 8 of the mini yule logs (from the pattern I posted up :) for when some family friends come round on Sunday, only 1/2 of one left to knit and then the making up/decorating to do:
I will definitely have them done!
Today I managed to wrap my first presents of the year- for my friends, ready for our party :D (and I made all my present labels for everyone):
And me and my dad made this sweetie tree:
Mmmm, yummy!
I am off now to go and relax in my bath now, with- you guessed it- Christmassy bubble bath in it! Heheh, then it is time to get back to working on those mini knitted yule logs so I can start on my next knitting project- cute Christmassy headbands for my little cousins :-)
See you all soon, I hope you are well :)
Bye xxx 


  1. I love the elf shoes! So cute!

  2. LOVE IT
    OMG that sweetie tree is amazing, it's so original compared to most I've seen. you should give a tutorial on making that I would love to have a matching one :)
    yay for the shoes, they are funky, and yay for getting so many yule logs done

    1. haha,thanks, it is very easy- find a big twig, spray it gold, put it in a pot and hang little sweets from it :) You should deffo give it a try- it is very fun :D xxx Thanks! xxx

  3. The tree is so deliciously cute!

    1. Thank you :D It does brighten up the corner of the room well :) xxx


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