Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas catch-up!

Hello everyone,

I had quite a whirlwind of a Christmas- which, looking around here on blog land it seems everyone else did too :)
I had a great Christmas- it was so lovely spending the whole day with my family, eating lots of lovely food, watching telly and giving each other prezzies!
My family and friends were extremely generous and also thoughtful so I would like to thank them all very much and say that I am lucky and thankful to have them all around me xxx

First up on my Christmas catch up is Christmas eve :) Here is a picture of the white chocolate, vanilla and strawberry yule log (the recipe I made up through my mini knitted yule logs :P) I made for my nan to take round when me and my family went round in the evening:

Haha, I made the holly decoration from icing to make it look like an exact big version of my knitted pattern, lol :P I thought it tasted really nice, I will definitely be making another one in the new year sometime. Very sweet and tasty :)
I may even like it better than milk chocolate log.... mmmm, a hard decision..... I think I'll just stick to having both :P  My nan thought it was cool to have a different version for a change :)
For my aunt, whose house we went round before we went to my nans (Christmas eve was busy this year!) I made two of my little Christmas tree decorations:

She hung them straight on her tree :) Yay! :-)

Hehe, now on to Christmas day, and first up, these little cuties:
Aren't they sweet! They were presents from my parents, because they know how much I love hamsters :3
I also got Norman (hehe I named him, and also decorated him :) to help me with my life drawing:

And my nan got me another lalaloopsy, with beautiful red hair, to be friends with scoops my other lalaloopsy:

They are getting along well :)
My build a bear (Georgia) even got a gift this year, thanks to my (Wonderfully fabulous!) brother:

So adorable- her little elf boots match the ones I made for myself, that made me smile a lot!
I got some wonderful costume and fashion books and things too, as well as my new pride and joy- my half scale mannequin!!!!!!:

Which I have already started to practice my draping and patternmaking on! :D My parents were worried it was too small as they thought half scale was bigger but when I opened it I assured them that it was utterly perfect! It is really great for practicing patternmaking on as you don't use up so much fabric.
My Dad made a fabulous Christmas dinner as usual and we even tried some of the cranberry and orange stuffing with it that I put in the hamper I put together for my family :) And in the evening I had some quality streets and chocolate from my stocking, so overall a fantastic day!
I would just like to thank my wonderful family and friends again for their generosity and to say that just being able to spend time with them is honestly enough of a gift, I love them all very much xxx
And thank you to all readers of my blog too for popping over and saying hi to me too, I hope you are all having a lovely festive time surrounded by family and friends too :) xxx
Last bit on my catch up before I go, today me and my mum went to see Dirty Dancing at the Piccadilly Theatre in London, we had front row seats (surprisingly front row was cheaper!?) which meant we had an amazing view, up so close I could see all the costumes and the show was really, really, great- I recommend it highly if you can get down there to see it :)  Very fun, and lots of good dancing!
I will speak to you all again soon, I am off to my other Aunty's house tomorrow so that will be nice, we always go for a walk to the shops to do some sale shopping so that is fun to see what bargains we can find :P
Byeeeeeee XxXxXoooXoOoO 

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