Thursday, 6 February 2014

An update :)


I hope you are all well and have a good weekend planned :) I am excited as next week I have a reading week so get to spend lots of lovely time with my family! (though, I mustn't forget I do have a bit of work to do in-between :P)

This week I have managed to get a lot further on the kindle case I am making for my mum, I just have the ribbing left to do, and then just sewing it up:

I also managed to Finish the little cross stitch I wanted to sew onto the front for decoration:

I should be able to give it to my mum this weekend as I reckon I will get it finished tomorrow, my aim was to get it to her before my family go on holiday to the IOW the week after next (my holiday is out of sync with my family this time) so I am well within schedule :P
I have actually got a lot done this week, now I am more used to doing all my washing etc... and I don't faff so much I can do more stuff! I baked some flapjacks for all the girls on my costume course. They were chocolate, date, raisin and sticky toffee:
I doubled up on the recipe so everyone got a nice big one :) They really enjoyed them so I was very pleased, I thought they were tasty too! We were thoroughly spoilt today though as it is one of the girls Birthdays coming up and a couple of the other girls made her a really tasty gluten free lemon cake and brought it in. It was very moist and delicious :-P
Today we also started making corsets!!! This is our next project, I am very excited about it. We get to be models for each others so I am making one for someone and they are making one for me :-) Today we started the master patterns which tomorrow we are changing to fit our person:

They are taken from historical corsets (I chose the 17th century one) so at the moment the patterns are very tiny, people were so much smaller- my wrist just about goes through the armhole! :P
In about two weeks we should get our Kimono stuff back (it is being marked :) and then I can show you all pictures of my kimono- which was my first project as I mentioned.
Hehe, that is about it for my update, but just before I go I remembered the other day that I hadn't put up the picture of what was inside this years mini parcels Christmas giveaway, silly me! So here it is- just in case you were curious :o):
See you soon,
Bye xxx


  1. Beautiful dear :) I am working on the cable stitch. Those brownies.... yum! I love the corset idea, I wish I could be so artistic! :D

    1. Flapjacks, I meant. Not brownies ;)

    2. Thanks :) it is fun doing cable :0) hehehe, you can be! Lol, the picture of them is a bit dark :p xxx

  2. I can't wait to see your kimono! And corsets! Exciting =D

    1. I can,t wait to get my kimono back! And I am really enjoying corset making :) xxxx

  3. such fun, loving the case, cant wait to see it complete, those flapjacks look yummy. and your corset is going to be brilliant, that seems like such a fun project
    I love the little dog cross stitch, sooooo cute

    1. It is all done now :) I am probably putting up a picture of it later :0) hehe, thanks, it really is fun. I hope your concert went well xxxx

  4. Woah! those flapjacks look amazing! can't wait to see the finished Kindle case. Lovely treats for your Xmas giveaway too. XOX


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