Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy valentines :)

Hi eveyone,

I hope you all had a great Valentines day with your loved ones yesterday :)
I had a lovely day with my family. My dad treated me to this cool multicoloured rose (and a box of lindt chocolates!). It is a real rose and everything but they used coloured water to make it these amazing colours:

It was called a Harlequin rose. I love it soo much!!! it reminds me of cirque du soleil, it is very theatrical :P
Talking about flowers, this week (as it has been reading week for me) I have had some time to work a bit more on a little half scale dress I have been working on- I designed it, then draped the pattern and now I am making it up in the real fabric :0) Here it is so far, the skirt is inspired by petals:

It is also inspired by the dress in Disney's Princess and the frog (I love that movie!). When I have finished the dress (it will be ribbon laced at the back and may even have some form of sleeves :-) I am making a petticoat to go underneath to puff out the bottom for the petals to drape over. I have been really careful with the construction and pressing and am really proud of it so far :-)
This week I also finished the new stock I have been working on for my shop- some of my little knitted Easter chicks!:
I have uploaded four sets of two; one set of light green (pictured above) and one set in pink, blue and yellow- All at only £2.50 per set.
Do pop over and take a look: Click here :)
Today me and my mum went to see the Isabella Blow fashion exhibition at Somerset House in London. It was really fantastic- so many amazing hats and dresses to look at many of them quite outrageous making it all even more fun! :) Then we went for an afternoon tea at Hush Brasseries in St Paul's which I treated my mum too, We ate it all before I remembered to take a picture though :P It was very nice there were little scones and mini macaroons. Hahaha I didn't know I liked macaroons until today and now I have a craving for more! The slice of mars bar cheesecake you get at the end of the tea was tasty too :0)
Tomorrow me and my family are going out for a meal (Hehehe, I will try to remember pictures this time :P) as it is my last day of reading week then i am going back to uni- to do more corsets, yay :)
Talk to you all again soon and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday,
Bye xxxx


  1. Wow that rose is gorgeous!! And I love your dress, you're very clever. Very cute chicks! Hope you have a nice meal with your family. Laura x

    1. I know- I love it soo much! Thank you :D It was a lovely meal thanks, hope you are well xxx

  2. The rose is absolutely beautiful!! The dress is also very, very creative. Just a small idea, maybe you could sell the clothes you make on your shop! It may be difficult to get the sizes, but it was just an idea. :D

    1. Thank you :) Yes fitting can be a problem, but it is a good idea :-) xxx

  3. That dress is gorgeous. Love the rose, it's like a rainbow. Sweet chicks too. XOX


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