Friday, 17 December 2010

Raindeers, who really is the most famous of them all????

Hola everyone!

Remember with your giveaway entry I told you to give the name of the raindeer, well here are the tallys of the number of votes per raindeer and suprisingly rudolph was not the most popular one (despite the song).

Comet - 3
Vixen - 2
Prancer - 2
Dancer - 2
Dasher - 4
Rudolph - 3
Vixen - 1
Donner - 2

But the winner with 6 votes is BLITZEN!!!!!!!! hahah I was laughing very hard as one of the entries said that he was a bit 'under rated' then he won!!!!!!! :)  Well done blitzen!

I found this on the web and I think that buy the sounds of it blitzen was the most worthy winner for a crafty giveaway/blog!!!!

I will be posting soon with all the pics of my friends presents, see you soon byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx

p.s its blitzen a boy or girl im confuzzled??????? :) I always thought blitzen was a boy but apparently blitzens a girl, ahhh well you learn something everyday!


  1. Oh my goodness! The crafty reindeer wins! It's fate :)


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