Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My Christmas presents :)

Hi everyone,

As promised here is pics of all my new stuff I got for Christmas:

I got loads of great crafty books, Including knitting Mochimochi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Ive wanted this for ages) which has some beautiful patterns and is a really inspiring book! I also cant wait to start on many of the other projects in the other books too.

My very generous friend got me this cute little knitting kit which I'm going to start in January after I finish some of my Wip's. ( I have loooooootttttss of Wip's!)

I also got an brand new LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which I blogged this post from :) Its fantastic to have my very own one  instead of sharing as now I have somewhere to store and type all my patterns (and I can keep it in my room :)

My parents got me a stitch a day calendar which I am THRILLED with as now everyday I can wake up to a different stitch and be inspired to create something marvellous.

They also got me the needle felting kit which was on my list so I will be probably be posting in the near future to show you my felted creations. I'm very excited to try and see what I can make, I think I'm going to try felted beads first......

My Aunty and Uncle got me some really great stuff including this yarn and set of needles which I will be using to make cases for my laptop and...............

........... MY NEW CAMERA which I got on boxing day (as my boxing day present.) I used it to take all of the pictures in this post and I absolutely love it as it is so simple to use and takes great pics!

 My little bro got me these cute handmade felt badges. I have a little collection of handmade/felt/knitted brooches and these fitted in perfectly :)

Well that's most of my gifts, I couldn't post them all as I had over 30 (!) and some of them were chocolate and I've eaten them! I hope everyone else had a good Christmas :)

In other news I made this licorice allsort necklace:

I think its really cool! The licorice allsort patterns are from a Jean Greenhowe book and I attached the necklace part and sewed them together to make them into a quirky accessory :3

I wore it to the darts today. Sadly I wasn't caught on camera so it didn't get shown on T.V :(

ahhhhh well at least I can show my creation  to everyone on my blog :0)

See you all very very soon........

ByE bYe xx


  1. You made out like a bandit, too! I think you will need to dispense some wisdom to me from the quilting book occasionally next year.

    I have knitting Mochimochi too! I really want to make the slippers, but I want someone to knit with. If you have a favorite pattern I'll knit it with you (maybe confused moose or grouchy couch?)

  2. Oooohhh thats an offer I cannot refuse!!!! but which pattern to knit together.................

  3. what size is your laptop? my mom bought me mine for christmas too and its a toshiba, mine is 17.3 its pretty big.lol

  4. yeah, I think mines about the same :)

  5. I know this is ages from your post, but I just noticed that the laptop in the photos is the same kind I have at home!

  6. Hahahha :) What a coincidence!


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