Monday, 27 December 2010

Scarflette giveaway and interview with designer!

Hi guys :)

As part of her blog tour Vanessa Ruesch is visiting In it to knit it!

She is the designer of this beautiful scarflette and is giving away 5 emailable copies of the pattern! (Details of how to enter will be at the bottom of this post.)

(Images copyright to Vanessa Ruesch)

I asked her some questions about knitting and craft and also her love of music,

I read on your blog that you love music, does that ever inspire your crafting?

 Music inspires everything I do. Then again crafting does the exact same. I find that I lean more towards projects that have something musical to them. I don’t always make them, but I have plenty of projects that have music notes on them. One huge project that I did (which was not knitting or crochet) was an analysis project on Symphony No. 101 in D major, Minuet and Trio by Joseph Haydn.
It took way too many hours, but I got an A on it, and I loved working on it. I had never really done any type of cross stitch before, so I learned alot!

What is your favourite ever pattern that you have created?

I make up a ton of patterns, mostly off of what I see online or out in public. I don’t write them down because I am usually too preoccupied with school… I plan to write up some shawl and hat patterns this winter break, and throughout the next semester. (I will be attending a knitting club in Casey, Illinois during my student teaching, so I will have that time free!!!) My fav pattern that I actually wrote down is my Everyday Scarflette. I feel like it is a good beginning pattern for those who want to actually learn the basics of knitting shawls!

Ohhh I want to enter the giveaway now! :/

Who are your knitting/crochet/crafting inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is my grandma and father. My dad taught me how to crochet when I was 7 or 8, and I hated it. But after he kept pushing me I actually got pretty good. Whenever I would fly out to my grandmas in NJ we would sit and crochet. I loved those times. She passed away a few years ago and every project I make I keep thinking of how proud she would be of me that I kept going with crafting. I miss her!

What is your favourite part about knitting/crochet?

My favorite part about crafting in general, is trying something new. I started knitting lace hard core this past year, it was something I was always afraid of. Not difficult at all! I started with cross stitch, something new to me. I try to outdo myself every project. I want to make the projects that make people say “wow”. Same with quilting, sewing, and making jewelry.

When you see a yarn shop what is your reaction?

When I see a yarn shop… I go inside. I text my boyfriend. He tells me not to spend to much money. So then I empty my bank account. This is why I do not keep much money in my debit account, so I do not spend my life savings. Which i totally would…..

ahhahaah wouldnt we all......................................

What other crafts do you enjoy?

I enjoy quilting, sewing, cross stitch, cooking, baking, crochet, knitting, beadwork (jewelry), and I used to think I was really great at drawing…

What do you hope to achieve in the future, knitting/crochet wise?

My long term goal in life when it comes to knitting and crocheting is to retire from teaching middle and high school band, so that I can open a yarn store. This is seriously something I have wanted to do since I was 12. I also want to make my crafting into a business. I do sell a bunch of the stuff I make, but I would love to make a living out of it!

Sounds lovely , Ill come visit in the future!

Which is better chocolate pudding or toffee pudding?

Can I get a mix of the two? That would be awesome!

To see more of Vanessa's design and check out other  items she has for sale such as cute stich markers you can visit her etsy shop or her blog :)


For your chance to win a copy of the pattern and kick off your new year knitting all you have to do is send an email containing your name to  with the subject 'Scarf giveaway'

Entries will close on the 3rd of January and winners will be announced on the same day!

I would just like to say thanks to Vanessa for visiting In it to knit it and also for this greeeeaaaatttt giveaway :D

Good luck everyone!

Bye xxxx

Ps. If you are interested in touring to In it to knit it or would like me to tour to your blog (Yes please!!!! I promise I wont make a mess :) please email me: with the subject 'Blog tours'!

Pps. I will eb posting pictures shortly of the amazing christmas presents I got, hope everyone had an awesome day :)

Talk soon...........................


  1. Thank you so much! This was a ton of fun!

  2. Thats ok, the pattern is sooo beautiful!

  3. I'D love to do a blog tour, maybe when I have more for-sale patterns :)

  4. nice pattern, I'd like to try it

  5. Alyssa: well you are welcome here any time just email me! :)

    Marlib7: yes it is lovely! :D

  6. Thanks again for this interview. I really enjoyed this pattern and blogged about it here:

  7. cool, I cant wait to look! :)


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