Monday, 20 December 2010

Presents, presents and ooohhh more presents :)

welcome everyone to my bloggy home!

Last week I was girl on a mission, a knitting misson. I had to make sure all of my friends christmas presents were finshed  and get them all wrappped up in time for the next day....... My room was like santas grotto and I felt like an overworked elf! I apologie for the quality of some of the pictures about to follow but it was late and the light in my room was not good.

Firstly this was the donut I made for my friend :) Its the one her sisters turtle was sitting in in the pic I posted earlier. Its made from a Jean greenhowe pattern and then I added sprinkles.

The turtle I made can also be seen in the pic I posted earlier. She said she wanted a turtle with a moustache so with her turtle I gave her a tiny turtle accessory pack with a little moustache and harpeiece that fitted the tiny turtle. She didnt put her present down ALL day! :)

This is another thing made from a Jrean greenhowe pattern (jiffyknits) my friend said she liked rabbits and purple so this was created.............

My other firend said that she liked chocolate cake and cherries! the pattern was from Lets get crafting magazine, I spent a whole morning making it for her, she is saving it till xmas so she hasnt opened it yet, i hope she likes it!!!!!!! :-S

VAMPIRE BUNNY/BAT STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhhahahahahahhaaha the friend I gave the basket of sweets and the bat for his birthday wnated a blue vampire bunny so I whipped up one of them for him, its sooooo cute:

I really did never know I had soooooo many friends :D

I created this cupcake pattern for a friend who was begging me and kept reminding me to make her a cupcake for christmas and it HAD to be pink! hehhehe she loooooovvvveedddd it <3 she carried it round all day!

Q.what do you make someone who likes hippos, purple and has a favourite purple scarf  A. a purple hippo wearning a purple scarf!:

Only a few more prezzies left to go......... Now you can see why I said OVERWORKED!!!

I just made this for someone for fun he made me laugh and I couldnt resist! My friend wanted something blue and shes quite random so.......

Whats that coming over the hill is it a MONSTER!!!, yes it is :P

I made my baby cousin a present too...

Shes really cute!!! I hope she likes my presents I made her with love!

AFTER ALLL THAT a teacher at my school had seen the presents I made all my amigos she wanted something of her own, so I got to work and created this.....

a little christmas pud!

fewwwwww Im shattered just thinking about all the knitting and crocheting but it was very fun!

Today my swap parcel from the cute and quirky swap group i set up arrived oohhh I just love everything in it!!!!


after that long post I think its nearly time for bed... I think I might have a bit of choccy before bed though heheheh mmmmmm yummy! and I have to knit more of tipsy turkey too :)

See you later

Bye xx


  1. Wow! It looks like you were really busy! I really love the barrettes with the crocheted flowers- super cute :)

  2. I really was! on your blog it seems like you are busy with all the slippers! :) thanks for commenting :D

  3. I love how you made the little cards for the hair clips! It's so thoughtful and thorough.

  4. Purlverde: Thankyou so much!!!! I hope she likes them too :D


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