Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Freshly baked.......

Hi everyone :)

Part of my new years resoloution (as many of you will know) is to draw one design for a knitting project everyday, my design for the 2nd of  January was a knitted cupcake that fitted inside a paper cupcake case. Later on that day I had some time and thought I would start the project. When I was in hobbycraft I picked up some beads that looked like sprinkle to add the finishing touch!

I love it, love it, love it (and I've started making another one with pink icing! :)
The pattern is so simple but realllllllyyyyy cute.

Also In my life recently something happened which I like to call the knitting needle mystery.......
The other day I came home to find two pairs of knitting needles posted through my door, with no note of who they were from? I didnt have time to blog about this when it happened as I was to busy revising for a geography exam, Fun! :(

I spent ages (3 days to be exact!) trying to work out who it was that had given them to me because it sure wasn't the knitting fairy :/ (I felt like Poirot with my list of suspects :o)  Then today one of my friends stopped me In school and asked if I had received their extra holiday gift, it was them all along and they were not even on my list! (the friend I gave the crochet vampire bat/bunny to), it's good to finally have the knitting needle mystery all wrapped up because I really was starting to believe it WAS the knitting fairy! 

what can I say, I have nice friends..........

I will talk to you all again very soon :)

Au revoir!


  1. Here it is the blog post: I did have some problems with the picture. so it will be later.


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