Saturday, 29 January 2011

Super chicks!

Look up in the sky, is it a bird?..... well yes it is actually, Its a super chick! :)

These are the latest chicks I have created for the chick knit appeal I am supporting, I think I have now made over 50 once I have sent these ones today :)

Awww they are just soo cute and it makes me really happy to be able to support the cancer charity doing something I enjoy as it is such a great cause.

Ive had another idea for a new design of chicks already and I can't wait to start knitting the next batch! You kind of get hooked..............

I hoping Beverly ( lady who organises the appeal, and is verrryy nice :) will be able to send me pictures of the stalls with all the chicks on at Easter (if that's how they are sold...) As I would love to see all the different types of chicks people have made.

On a different note, I know this blog is about knitting and crochet but recently I have been trying to make bento lunches (It is slightly related as I actually found out about all of this Japanese stuff through amigurumi, and my trip to Japan :)

They are lunches made up of all different small parts in a special bento box, for children cute bento is made which although I'm not really a small child is the kind of bento I went for :3

I made a teddy bear bento, which does actually remind me of amigurumi and a gingerbread man bento :)

I had to share them with someone as I was just so pleased with how they came out and they tasted nice too. I really want to make one that looks like balls of of yarn but at the moment I have no clue how to do that! :/

I'm off to post the chicks now,

I will see you all very soon :0)



  1. The bento are too cute! What is the gingerbread man made out of?

  2. Thanks! It is made out of quorn beef (like a vegetarian beef substitute) but you could just use normal beef then you press the shape out using a cookie cutter and a straw, for the eyes and mouth :0D


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