Thursday, 13 January 2011

One of many


I hope everyones ok :) Can you remember in a post before Christmas I talked about one of my teachers liking my knitting/crocheted gifts for my friends so I made her a Christmas pudding? Well she caught up with when I got back to school and wanted me to make her some little christmas pudidng hanging decorations.......... So I got to work and managed to design a pattern for these little guys:

I showed her it and she loved it, She asked my for 7 (!) and said she was willing to pay. I have decided That they are £1 each :) Im sooo excited as this is the first bit of knitting I have sold! And she is going to take them to Italy next year to put on her family tree!!!

Anyway i'm off to make 6 more......... (hahaha not all at once :0)

See you all soon

Bye bye!

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