Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dyeing success!

Konichiwa everyone!

Last Sunday I tried my hand at some dyeing. It was my first ever time and I was really pleased with how my yarn came out after being a bit aprhensive!

I dyed a cream 40% wool and 60% acryllic yarn. Your only really meant to use 100% natural animal fibres as acryllic etc do not soak up the colour as well. This was one of teh reasons I was a bit worried..... Also I had 3 different packets of  kool aid and had to mix two together to get the right amount of dye and wasn't sure whether doing this was going to cause me to get an icky brown colour...... :( 

However it did not stop me from giving it a go!

I used this tutorial:
Which was really good and very easy to follow.

I prepared my yarn and got my oven proof dish:

 I followed the instructions and *TAH DAH!*:

A beautiful light orange yarn was produced!

Im so happy with my lovely yarn!

I had a plan for the yarn, that's mainly why I was so thrilled when  came out perfectly......

... I wanted to make my mum a special kindle case for her birthday. Ive started work on it already even though her birthdays not till March!

But shhhhhhh its a secret ;)

See you all soon


P.s I will be posting the second free pattern near the end of feb as I am still making some adjustments :0)


  1. Hi, I love your blog background and general look... it's very clear and cute!
    I found you as I am looking for the winner of my blog giveaway who has you as one of the blogs she follows. It's only an off chance but if you know a blogger called LadyCthe1st please let her know that she's won (as I don't have any way of contacting her) many thanks, pip

  2. Pip: Thanks soo much!

    The name doesn't ring a bell at the moment but if I find her I will be sure to tell her :)

  3. nice job!. I didnt know you could do it that easily. Will have to try sometime.

  4. Thanks xxx I was suprised on how simple it was too :0)

  5. I bought some undyed yarn last month because I wanted to try this. Did you have to use a microwave? Because the house I live in now doesn't have one. Suppose I could do it at my parents' house and ruin theirs... hehe!

  6. Sara: Yeah I used a microwave but there are tutorials for doing it over the stove and even in the sun! :)


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