Saturday, 26 February 2011

Stitching and sewing :)


Yesterday me and my family went up to London  and took a walk around Greenwich market. I found a stall which sold some cool crochet accessories and I picked up these to add to my brooch collection :D

When I saw them I knew I had to have them (ALL! ahhaha ). They are soo cool! The lady who makes them has an online shop which sells some of the stuff she has on her stall:

I love handmade stuff!!!! xxx  >o<

Whilst there we also saw another stall which sold loads of different sock monsters/monkeys. My dad thought they were really cool, so.... today I tried out some of my sewing skills (which I don't use very often but hope to more :0) to make him my version of what we saw:

I was quite proud of my creation and my dad loved it! <3 He put it on his special shelf :)

In other news i'm  very close to finishing my mums kindle cozy :) It will definitely be ready for her birthday next Sunday :D ( I'll  post pictures then)

Something else that happened the other day was I got a certificate through the post for being part of the charity chick knit. I was soo excited  because I've never had a certificate for something craft or charity related before!

Well that's pretty much it for this post :)
 talk to you all again soon,


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