Friday, 18 February 2011

Project special slippers: Complete!


Ever since I recieved the really cool hello kitty buttons from my swap partner I was determined to use them in a special project. When I found the pattern for the slipper socks I knew the butttons would look great on them and now I have finished them I think I was right! :)

Im really pleased with them!
Instead of a white border I just went with the blue to blend in but added one of my white heart appliques to the front of each foot for decoration intead.
At first the straps were a bit too big but I stitched a bit of them in a loop inside and now they fit perfectly :D

And they are all ready for me to wear on my holiday in Ipswich ( I leave tomorrow! :) Now my feet will be nice and snug as I relax and watch telly :3

Another project I finished recently (well actually started and finished in one night) was this little apple cozy:

The pattern was in this months Issue of Knit Today magazine and I couldnt resist casting on when I saw it!

I bought a pack of the sunflower buttons when I was in Japan which Im really pleased about now as it was the perfect finishing touch. I love it when you've got just the perfect button for the job :) I also added a stalk (by casting on 2sts and knitting a few rows in Gst) to make it look just that bit more realistic.

See you later, au revoir!

P.s I am nearly finished making the finishing touches to the second free pattern so it will be up soon!
P.p.s Dont forgt to enter the giveaway for the little heart appliques!!!


  1. The slippers are super cute, but most of all I adore that apple cozy!!! Its amazing! I always smile when I read your posts :)

    Sam xx

  2. Sam: Thank you soo much, you have literally made my day! :) xxx

  3. The slippers are awesome!

    Brilliant! We do have very similar tastes - I've also made the apple cozy! Just need to figure out the instructions for the leaves though, at the time I couldn't get my head around it!

  4. Sara: Thanks :) I really do love the buttons. I had trouble with the leaves to I just made up a pattern for them myself, I think theres a typo/error in the original pattern :/


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