Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hi :D

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day :-)

On Saturday I went round my friends house for a Halloween party and I dressed as a zombie, I was a little girl zombie with a pink dress and pink fluffy shoulder warmer (if that's what they are called?). My costume was based on the girl on the front of the book 'Dawn of the Dreadfuls' :) I brought Catherine too wearing the Halloween costume I made her, you can see her outfit here:

She is checking out the pumpkin me and my brother carved together! :0) Hehehe

The dress is quite basic, but I am very proud of it as I designed it and made it without a pattern!

And as usual, this Halloween, me and my family made a special Halloween meal of ghostie pizzas! Here is my one:

Hahaha, some cheese and a tomato fell in one of his eyes :P

My dad made the dough while me and my brother were at school and then we put all the toppings on and turned them into ghosts! They were very tasty! :0D

I'm off now to wait for more trick or treaters, we have only had one set tonight so far so hopefully more come as I still have lots of sweets to give out,

See you all soon (very soon in fact for the special giveaway I have been talking about!)

Bye X :) X


  1. Hehe sounds like you had a fun party/halloween.

    Can't wait for my party on Saturday!

  2. Happy halloween to you too Jordan! Looks like you had a great time! Love Catherine's outfit, especially the skirt! And that ghost pizza is brilliant!! Laura x

  3. PS I'm excited about another giveaway, yay!

  4. happy halloween to you and catherine too..
    looks like you had a fun time..
    pumpkin is so cute and pizza looking yummy..
    love for you xxx

  5. Knittinggirl: I really did, the scary movie we watched kinda spooked me though! :0P I'm sure you will have a great time too!

    Chaucer's aunty: Hehehe, thanks!
    It is coming very soon! xxx

    Cucki: Thank you! :0) xxx


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