Tuesday, 25 October 2011

IOW update!

Hi everybody, I hope you are all having a nice week!

It's only day two of my holiday and I have already managed to pick up some great stuff including a mega crafty bargain! In this little craft shop they had a big box of craft paper and you could get 20 sheets for £1. Me and my dad started looking in the box and picking up loads of sheets then my dad asked the lady how much for the box and she said £10, only £10!!!!! For all of these sheets..... :D

And the decorative cutting scissors were three pairs for just a £1! (my dad got one pair and I got the other two :)

 There are hundreds of sheets of beautiful papers, perfect for making labels for all of my handmade prezzies for people.

In WH Smith I picked up a big sketchpad because I have wanted to make my own design portfolio for ages and now with all this lovely paper I have no excuse!

Along with Quirky I am making good progress on my other long running project, my dice scarf! I am aiming to finish it by the end of my holidays, so far I am on track :)

I reallly, really want to finish it so I can finally wear it, I want to wear it to 6th form :0)

The IOW is really good for finding unique handmade stuff :) Me and my family went to an apple orchard yesterday and got to pick some of our own apples (apples are my favourite fruit so I was very excited!!!:D). Then In the gift shop I found this beautiful handmade enchanted style apple clock for my room, (my dad treated me to it :)

Isn't it just lovely! <3 it looks so pretty and yummy and juicy :0P

Its almost my bedtime now but I will leave you with this picture of Catherine sitting watching the birds at the pretty grounds of Calbourne mill, where me and my family stayed in a cottage the time before last:

We had a great day out there, I really love the chocolate cake and jam and buttercream sponge they have there, mmmm.. :P I shared my slice of choclate cake with Catherine she said she liked it too!

See you all vey soon,

Bye! XxXx


  1. The Isle of Wight seems like a good place to go for a holiday :)

    Hope you are having fun... (of course you are)

  2. Ooohhh, I love all the papers! You got such a good deal :)

  3. hello dear, wowwwwwwwwww lovely papers..
    and the catherine is looking so sweet..
    enjoy your time dear..and me sending you and catherine lots of hugs x

  4. Oooh look at those lovely craft papers! Love the apple clock, it's gorgeous, and the dice scarf is coming along very nicely indeed! I look forward to seeing it finished. Nice photo of Catherine too. Looks like you're both having a great holiday! Enjoy! Laura x

  5. Knittinggirl: It really is! :D Hehehe, thank you xxx

    Alyssa: I know, I'm still shocked! :P

    cucki: Hehehe thank you!!! I send lots of love and hugs back and so does Catherine! :0) xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: I really love my apple clock! Im nearly there now, only about 4 more dice pieces left, I started sewing it all together tonight :) Thanks! xxx


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