Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy, happy, happy , my lovely Blythe arrived! :D

Hello everyone!
Quite a while ago some of you may remember that I posted about Blythe dolls and how I really wanted one... well a couple of weeks ago I managed to pick one up on eBay for a really good price (about £62) and today she arrived!!!!!!!!!! :D

The parcel was soo beautifully wrapped (with string and everything!!!) which made me even more excited when I saw it when I got home from 6th form!

I carefully opened the parcel and found my lovely doll inside <3 She is a simply chocolate Blythe :P

Whilst I have been waiting for her to come I knitted her a hat using this: simple Blythe hat pattern I found on Ravelry and sewed her a little dress using this! pattern. Here she is all snuggled up wearing both!:

After the long journey she has had (all the way from Hong Kong!) we have just been relaxing and watching T.V together.
I decided to name her Catherine :) She said she liked the name a lot and she really likes Mr. Mini Circus Elephant too! :0)

I'm so excited about all the fun we are going to have together! And all the lovely outfits I can make for her :D

See you all soon,

 bye from me (and Catherine!) XxX


  1. Aw that hat looks positively adorable! What are these 'blythe' dolls all about then? Rachael x

  2. hello catherine, its me cucki your friend's dear friend from south africa..
    you are so sweet...and i love your dress and hat so much..
    enjoy your time with catherine...she is so sweet.
    hugs for you both xxx

  3. She's fab! Love the hat and the dress too, well done! I look forward to seeing more handmade Blythe accessories soon!

  4. Hehe very cute!

    Can't wait to see more handmade Blythe clothes and accessories!

  5. Oh, she IS lovely! :) I like her cap!

  6. Rachael: Thanks :) They are Japanese dolls which are really great for making clothes for and taking pictures of out and about :0) Thier eyes even change colour, soo cool! :D

    Cucki: Catherine says hello back :) She is very excited to have a friend all the way over in South Africa! xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks, I can't wait to make her more outfits! xxx

    Knittinggirl: Thank you, I am soo excited to finally have a blythe doll of my own! :0)

    Alyssa: Hehehe, Thank you! :D


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