Saturday, 25 February 2012

Free 'Happy weather' biscornu pattern chart!!! :o)


Here, as promised is the chart for my 'Happy weather' biscornu design :D I have put pattern notes and a key below the charts for the sides of the biscornu, I have tried to make everything as clear as possible but this is the first cross stitch chart I have ever written/designed so if there is anything you don't understand don't hesitate to ask!

There is a handy guide on how to make up your biscornu once you have finished all your stitching here!

Happy Weather Biscornu :o)

Side one:

Side 2:

(Please don't sell items made from this chart without asking me first, thanks :-)

If you do make the biscornu: Happy stitching! :D

See you all soon,

Byeee byeee
xxxxx <3


  1. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Jordan! Definitely going to be my March biscornu! :-) love Laura xxx

  2. aww sweet..thank you for sharing it deary..
    hugs xx

  3. I've just discovered your blog through Laura. It's a lovely Biscornu, It looks so pretty stitched up too. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you, Im glad you like the pattern! happy stitching :)

    cucki: You are welcome :-) xxx

    Kerrp77: Hello Kerryp77! Thank you for following :) Thanks, you are welcome! :0) xxx

  5. Lovely chart,thank you for sharing, looking forward to making ^_^

  6. steph: Thank you :) Im glad you like the design, happy stitching! :0) xx


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