Saturday, 4 February 2012

Valentines family gifts - WIPs

Hi everyone,

This year for Valentine's day I decided I wanted to make my Mum, Dad and brother a little gift to remind them just how much I love them all! >o<

I have been in a cross stitching mood lately so I thought I would make them all a cross stitch book mark as they all read a lot more than I do! :-P

For my brother I decided to use the pattern I got in the cross stitch kit I was sent by my swap partner in the space swap as he really likes space and reads lots of space books. I moved the different motifs around (so they would fit on a book mark shape :) and then added some extra little stitched stars:

I made the little astronaut blond, so he is like my brother, hehehe:

It is backed with material and I added a little ribbon 'loop' to the top with one of the 'handmade' charms I was sent in the Christmas swap by Laura. I'm going to do the same with my parents book marks too when I have finished stitching them :-)

Here is what I have done for my dads one so far...

I am really happy because I designed this cross stitch pattern myself! It is the first ever full cross stitch pattern I have designed myself :D

My dad loves teapots so that is why I chose them as the theme for his bookmark.

I'm going to try and finish his off tonight so I can get started on my mums ready for the 14th! I haven't decided on a theme for my mums yet though.... I'll have to get thinking!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend ,

See you all very soon,

Bye! xxxx :D


  1. wow both of them are so sweet..
    well done for designing your first cross stitch is so sweet..
    big hugs cucki xxx

  2. They are all gorgeous Jordan! Well done! Your stitching is coming along brilliantly :-) I'm sure your family will love them. Hope you're having a good weekend and keeping warm! Laura x

  3. cucki: Thank you cucki!Lots of hugs back! xxxx :)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks :) I hope you are keeping warm too, It has snowed where I live so I am keeping wrapped up! :-)

  4. Hugssss they are gorgeous. I love the teapot one

    I'm in a quandry about valentines :P what do I get my boyfriend? :P

    Hope you enjoyed the snow. I hated it. cold and wet :P. I love snow i just didn't have clothes I wanted to get wet :P

  5. springmusician: Thanks :D

    I would go for chocolate and something handmade, choclate is always yummy and theres nothing liek something handmade :)

    I like snow too but I get very cold very easily so I can't stay out long :(

    Huggsss back! xxx


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