Friday, 17 February 2012

Im back! (+ valentines day update)


I am back from holiday now, I would have kept you all updated but there was no internet where I was so I have had to save my pictures till now :) Hehehehe, I will try not to bore you all :0)

First up HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!! I was a bit sad I couldn't wish you all a happy, lovey, dovey day on the 14th so I had to do it now! My family loved their bookmarks so I was very happy :) I was also super happy because my dad gave me this lovely chocolate lolly from 'Chocolate island' (one of my fave shops on the IOW) as a valentines gift...

It was sooo delicious, I had to wrestle it off Domo, Etty M and Candy first though! Hehehe :oP

For dinner my dad also made heart shaped pizzas and garlic breads for dinner too, here are the garlic breads but the pizzas got eaten before I could take a picture:

They were super yummy too!

I really hope everyone had a lovely day :-)

In other news, I now bring you a picture of the infamous choc dipped Ice cream, I think I wrote about these in my last IOW holiday post but didn't remember to take a picture, but this time I did and this time I had a super duper double one.... mmmmm....

It was very big, but not quite as big as the one outside the ice cream shop.....

hahaha :D

I will leave you all with the picture I took of view of the sea I saw as I strolled along eating my ice cream :)

Keep an eye out tomorrow as I will be opening my special giveaway of the little parcel goodies I picked up whilst on holiday :D

See you all soon,

Bye! xxxxx


  1. aww sweet post with lots of yummy treats..
    happy valentine day to you too deary..
    big hugs xxx

  2. Oh my word, that icecream! YUM YUM! Very cute garlic breads and the chocolate lolly, sounds like you had a great time! Ooh exciting, I'll keep an eye out for the giveaway! Laura x

  3. cucki: hehehe, thank you :) Lots and lots of hugs back! xxx

    Chaucer's aunty: Hahahaa, yes it very big :)xxx


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