Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chocolate Easter egg making!


Today was the day I got to go Chocolate Easter egg making :D I had been excited about this for  agggeeesss so was very pleased the time had finally come! I Came up  with my design last night (it was inspired by the sea and jewellery :) in the centre I wanted to put a chocolate star and two chocolate sea horses facing each other and then different sweets surrounding the centre and finally some piped white chocolate decoration, I was not sure how much of my idea I would be able to create in real life but our expert chocolate making teacher was really nice and in the end I managed to create my design exactly :-) Here is my chocolaty creation:

It really was soo fun! They had mini vats of chocolate which we had to fill our molds with and then huge bags of sweets to decorate our chocolate with.

Hehehe, I signed the back in white chocolate too :P

It was very funny when we were in the chocolate making room as there are glass windows you can look through to see the people making the chocolate and there were lots of people looking at me and my family, hehehe!

Here are my mum, dad and brothers creations too:

Egg on the left is my Dads (mine is in the middle :P) my mums is on the right and then the big bar in the front is what my brother made he decorated a quarter for each of us with our fave sweets on so I promised I would share my egg with him too! :0)

I'm off to eat a little bit more now, it is extremely delicious! I would share it with you all if I could :)

I hope everyone is having a nice week,

see you all soon,

Bye! xxxx

P.S. A big huge massive thank you to Tricia who awarded me the Liebster blog award the other day!!! :D You should definately go vist her blog: here! she has got some lovely makes on there! :)


  1. Hehe they look very delicious! Too bad I can't reach into the computer screen and grab a piece! :D

  2. looks very yummy indeed, well done. xx

  3. Knittinggirl: Hahaha! :P Thanks :)

    Kerryp77: Thank you Kerry :0)


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