Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone! =:0)



I hope you are all having a fantastic Easter :-) Luckily I have internet where I am in the IOW so I didn't have to wait and wish you a belated Happy Easter when I got back. It is also good because I get to show you all my Easter makes and goodies not-late too :D
It is a tradition in my family that my dad sets up a little Easter egg hunt in the house for Easter for me and my Brother, look at all the yummy goodies I found hidden round the house for me this morning!!!:

There was also a big Lindt bunny hidden too but he didn't last past breakfast, hehehe :P I am a very lucky girl!

You have probably spotted Catherine in there, she is wearing the Easter egg costume and Easter bonnet I made her especially to wear today:

The egg costume is a felt sandwich board style thing, I came up with the idea about two days ago and luckily finished it just in time yesterday!

The little straw hat came in a pack of about 12 I bought in the Hobbycraft January sales for £1.99, I knew I would find a use for them when I bought them and I was pleased to finally use some of the Easter ribbons I bought last year as well :)

In other holiday news I got to go my favourite little craft shop on the Island and picked up these two little cross stitch kits, I am going to make the little carriage one in commemoration of the Queens Jubilee :o)

On Tuesday I am off to make my own big Easter egg at the chocolate shop :D I am soooo excited!!!! I will definitely be posting up pictures, hopefully it will turn out well not just like a big choclately mess, lol!

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx


  1. Happy Easter Jordan! Sounds like you had a great day! Fab goodies from the easter egg hunt and love Catherine's costume! Great cross stitch kits. I really enjoyed stitching the coach :-) Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Laura x

  2. Happy Easter Jordan. Catherine' costume looks , I love it when you buy stuff and it sits in your stash for ages, and then it becomes perfect for a project like the little hats, so is that 1 down 11 to go with them! Nice choc haul too!

  3. Happy Easter Jordan, love your stash,

    Just want you to know that I have given you the Liebster Blog award you can find details on my blog at

  4. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you! :D Hehehe, I saw the coach and thought it was quite cool I can't wait to stitch it! I hope you are having a nice Easter break too :) xxx

    Kerryp77: Thanks! I know, I love that too that is why when I see a crafty bargain I just can't help but buy it! Hmmm yes I will have to think of some more designs to decorate them with :) xxx

    Tricia: Thank you!!!! I am so happy :D I visited your blog, it is very lovely :) Your cottage you are stiching is beautiful too :-) xxx

  5. I like your blog.
    Corina from germany

  6. Co.: Hi! Thank you so much! I checked out your blog through google all the kids clothes you make are super cute :0)


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