Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ATC fun :)

After making the ATC's for the swap I did with Laura I have wanted to experiment and make more, so the other day, I did :-) I had lots of little cross stitch kits I finished a while ago (some of you may remember me posting about them) and have been trying to think of what to make them into and I thought why not make them into ATC's to expand my collection? I also made a different version of the 'American diner' one I made for the swap:

They really are so fun to make! They are quick and easy and really get your creative thoughts flowing :)

I am off to the Isle Of Wight again tomorrow for Easter :D Yay! Guess what.... for Easter this year my mum booked for me and my family to go and make our own big Easter eggs at Chocolate Island, I am so excited!!! I will be sure to keep you all posted if I have Internet access but if not I will make sure to post all my holiday snaps and news when I get home :0)

I hope you are all having a nice week!

see you all soon,

Bye xxxx


  1. gorgeous ATC's and I hope you have a lovely holiday. x

  2. They are fantastic Jordan! I love the stickers you've used. The Easter egg making sounds amazing, please do post photos when you get back! Have a lovely time. Laura x

  3. Kerryp77: Thank you, I am having a brilliant time so far, and there is internet where I am, yay! :-) so I can share my adventures as they happen, lol :0)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :D and thanks for getting me into them :D I definatly will post pictures as soon as I have made my egg as I have internet :0) xxx I am soo excited!


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