Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blythe love


As many of you will know I collect blythe dolls :) The other day I was on ebay and I saw 3 beautiful basaak (blythe clone) dolls, I kept deliberating over which one to buy but in the end I ended up splashing out and buying all three! They were too sweet to resist  :3 (I also bought myself a carry case too!)
The other day they all came in a big box so I opened it and had fun dressing them all up for about an hour. I bought ones with different hair colours/styles to the ones I already have as I am trying to kind of make a blythe rainbow family :) Here are all my girls now:

(From left to right; Etty.M, Beth, Mirabelle, Candy, Sarah-Arabelle, Catherine)

I love them all so much <3 (^-^)

Candy's outfit is one of my new d The fabric has little Russian dolls on it and I added little gems for decoration and then I crocheted her the pink hoodie to keep her warm :-)

The carry case I bought also arrived on the same day which was good as it meant I could take a couple of my dolls with me to London Zoo today :D

I think Mirabelle enjoyed her self! Here she is looking at the giraffes, wearing the top and hood I made her especially for todays outing :P:

I think Candy had a good time too, she liked the monkeys and the birds best!


Hehehe, I hope you all had a good day too :o)

I'm off to go and tuck them in in now after their busy day!
See you all soon,
Bye XxXxX <3


  1. adorabubble so so so cute :) I love your dolls, and love the russian doll fabric :)

  2. Springmusician: Hi! I haven't spoke to you in aggesss! :) I hope you are ok :-) Hehehe, thanks. I got the fabric in Japan I also bought some strawberry and dotty fabric there too! xxx

  3. ooo, cool

    I think I'm gonna have to make some dresses with the fabric out of my mums fabric box, some of the fabric are scraps left over from dresses whch my nan made for me an my sister

    i need to take pics of the dresses we still have that she made

    she xstitched made teddies an made dolls aswell as dresses

  4. That's a nice idea :) I usually make my dolls clothes out of scraps of fabric too :o)

  5. :) I just have to learn to make them :P

  6. They are all so cute Jordan! And I love all the outfits :-) Laura x (PS sorry I haven't commented on your posts recently- I've been following through wordpress now I've got my new blog, but it hasn't been updating properly, grr!)

  7. Springmusician: Hehehe! :0)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks :-) it's fine I know how technology can be sometimes! :) xxx


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