Friday, 6 July 2012

Coasters galore :P

Hi guys!

Nearer to Christmas I am hoping to get to sell some of my crafty items so I have been starting to prepare my stock, lol :P I thought I would start with a few crocheted crisp packet coasters as they are fun to make and I think people would think they were quite fun :0) hehehe, I say some, I have cut out 25 here are some of them:

It is good to finally put a use to some of the wrappers I have stashed for ages! Some of the wrappers (like the Doritos one) are ones I collected whilst I was in Cyprus last year, I love collecting wrappers from different places with all the different languages on them and stuff :)

I'm off now to finish some more off, then I can plan my next bit of 'stock' to get making :-)

See you all soon,



  1. they're fab, good luck with selling them at fayres. xx

  2. They are brilliant Jordan! I really must have a go at the :-) Laura x

  3. Brilliant Idea Jordan :)

    just thought I'd say I went to the most awesome fabric shop ever yesterday, it's in Romford, we got net curtains from there but they have awesome fabric aswell as the net curtains, if you go into Romford, and go to Disney store there is a corridor of shops next to it, it's in there, next to a shoe shop it's a lovely little fabric shop, when in there I kept saying to my mum I'd have to tell you about it. There was one fabric with cartoon cats and dogs on which I wanted but mum said we have to much fabric, well my sister did, and mum always listens to bossy boots :P anyway love your idea on the coasters and selling them :)

  4. Kerryp77: Thank you :) xxx

    msprim: Thanks :-) xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: Hehehe, I'm glad you like them :0) xxx

    Springmusician: Thank you :) Ooooh sounds good I must try and get there, thanks for the tip! :P xxx


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