Friday, 13 July 2012

Driving teacher gift and the K-factor!


A few posts ago I mentioned I wanted to make my driving teacher a little thank you gift. I thought about loads of different things and looked at patterns on ravelry but when I was out I saw a cute teddy with 'Best teacher ever!' written on its little shirt and thought instead of making I might do some customising, to turn it into a best driving teacher teddy! I did some stitching on the shirt and added a little felt learner sign, here is the finished product! :):

Me and my mum wrapped him up in some cellophane with a bottle of wine too as an extra gift :-) I see my driving teacher tommorow as I am doing an extra day of driving called the Pass Plus Scheme (just some thing meaning you get to practice motorways and stuff), I hope she likes her customised teddy!

In other news....
Recently my mum bought some books and the company were doing an offer on the K-Factor knitting book (just £1!). My mum very kindly bought it for me as a little surprise present because she knew how much I enjoyed the K-factor stuff a while ago on Harry Hills program :P My dad also found it really funny so I thought I would make him something from the book for his upcoming birthday. I decided on a mini knitted character (a mini version of the main knitted item on the program :)

He came out quite sweet so I was happy, the book is really funny to read too so I had a laugh whilst making it!

Im sure my dad will like him, hehhehe :P

I'm off to get a good nights sleep now, ready for my day of driving!

See you all soon,



  1. so cute And I love your mushroom thing from the previous post, brilliant, :)

    I got my simply knitting in the post, and inside were Hippy Hamsters, I'm thinking of doing one, dunno yet depends on how difficult I find them (I'm still only at beginner level, I talk more bout knitting then I knit)

  2. Springmusician: Thanks :) Oooh Hippy hamsters! they sound amazing! Hehehe :P

  3. Love the customised bear, what a lovely idea. Very sweet bear too.

  4. Steph: Thanks, hehe I thought he was sweet when I saw him :) xxx


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