Monday, 29 April 2013

Plush Toy/Teddy Trainers! - Tutorial :D

Hi everyone :)
Finally the time has come for the tutorial I made for the project I finished recently- some cuddly toy shoes!
On a Japanese fashion programme I watch on NHK I saw someone wearing a pair of these panda shoes:
Image from: here
I though they were pretty cool but I wanted a different colour and maybe a different animal on the front. However when I looked such up I could only find the panda pairs... so as usual when I can't find what I want I try making it instead :-)
Here are my version of the plush toy trainers:
They are quite simple to make and by making your own you can pick your colour of trainer, your animal or toy and even your style of shoe- hi tops or converse style etc.. meaning that you end up with a SUPER cool pair of trainers that definitely no one else will have! (And probably for a cheaper price- The shoes only cost me £4.50 at a discount sports shop near me and the toys were only 99p each from a card shop near me- bargain! :0)
Now if you like funky footwear here is how to make your own :D
...You will need:
  • A pair of shoes (hi tops or converse are most suitable- but you could experiment if you wish :)
  • Two small cuddly toys
  • A stitch un-picker/stitch ripper
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread (in matching colour to your toys/shoes)
  • Pins
  • Any extra decorations you wish
1. Take your toys and using the stitch un-picker, un-pick the arms

leave the stuffing inside the arms and remove any bits of remnant stitching from where you unpicked them

2. Take your scissors and cut round the head of your plush, about 1.5cm or so down from the  head/seam edge

once again leave the stuffing inside
3. Using your needle and thread, sew around the edge of the head and gather up to about the point shown below- not all the way closed but enough to reasonable secure the stuffing and tuck the cut edge underneath the head of the toy.

4. Pin the head into the centre of the trainer tongue- not to low down as you still need to be able to lace up our shoes to about two below the top on the eyelets (see pictures for reference)

sew all the way around the edge trying to catch the underneath of the head and just the top of the tongue so that the stitches cannot be seen (on either side)- but make sure the head is securely fastened.

4. next pin the arms in position either side of the head, again on the tongue and sew similarly to fasten into position.

Repeat  for both trainers, and viola! You are done and are ready to hit the streets:

You can experiment with adding extra decorations or even adding the feet or any tails from your toys too if you want, by again just pinning and sewing them in position - Have fun and be creative!- WOW people with your shoes! (I might sew the feet sticking out the back on mine, like the lions are jumping through the shoes- but I haven't quite decided yet :P)
I did put these little stars and lion buttons I had on though, just to complete the customised look :):
I hope you all liked the tutorial :-)
(If any of you do make your own I would love to see cool/cute pictures, you can send them to:
See you soon,
Byeeeeeeeeee XXX


  1. Fab tutorial! Does it feel a bit morbid cutting up the little teddy?! Love this. And you blog xxx

  2. These are awesome , I would do it, but I hate the idea of cutting up a teddy, maybe ill need a bear head and arms to do it with

  3. OMG that is 100% cute! I NEED a pair!!!!!!!!!!

  4. miss Jojangles: Thanks, hehe at first it was a bit strange but you are giving them a new lease of life! :oP Thank you xxx

    springmusician: Thank you :D I think you can get some plush toys which are actually just a face- like keyring ones :) xxx

    Alessia: Hehehe, thanks! :-) xxx

  5. TEDDY MURDER! Nice shoes though :)

  6. Brilliant! That is such a fab idea and they look ace!

  7. Ooh. And by the way: Putting feet on the back is a great idea!

  8. Steph: Thank you :D xxx

    Alessia: Hehehe, thanks, I still haven't quite decided whther or not to go for it :P xxx


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