Monday, 24 June 2013

A fun day with dad

Today was my first Monday off since finishing my exams and seen as my dad didn't have to work we got to spend some time together which was nice. We went to the shops and had a good look round for all the good bargains :P We also went to try and get some fabric to turn into curtains for the dining room- but the shop was closed, luckily I found some nice fabric online though :)
I did manage to find some good  stuff on our shopping trip and kindly my dad treated me to them. I found these two cute felt craft kits which I can't wait to get started on:

You even get the box for the cupcakes and the doily for the cake included :P They were only £1 each!
Also Recently I have started using incense- I find it very relaxing and in the same shop, again for only £1 I found this box of 6 packs of fruit scented incense, you get; apple, grape, melon, tutti fruity, apricot and strawberry. They all smell nice so I am excited about using them :-)
I hope you all had a lovely day too :3
See you soon,
Bye xoxo


  1. :O I bought that incense for my older brother once :P

    love the kits

    glad you had a good day with ur dad

  2. Hahaha, I hadn't seen it anywhere else before :P

    Thanks- they are really good- they are coming out well!

    xxxx :-)

  3. Oh very nice! Those felt kits are ace! mmm! nice incense too! Strawberry is my fave ^_^

    1. Hehehe, yeah they are soo great- very high quality for something that only cost a £1 and super fun too :P xxx


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