Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Yes, I do know it's not Easter... :-P

I hope everyones week is going OK so far :)
About two weeks ago some friends of my family were meant to be coming round for picnic for the bank holiday and I decided to make some little chick/duck/birdie sweeties holders as little presents (based on the chick Easter egg holder my mum got me as a gift at Easter :) I was pleased with how the pattern worked out as I thought they came out pretty sweet. Sadly though one of the family friends was ill so couldn't make it. In the end we rescheduled and so they came round the Sunday just gone. I put the little chicks away safely until the came and used them as little place settings:
I think they looked quite nice on the plates and they were well received :-)
Without thinking though the day before they came I made some chocolate crispy nests to go with the cakes my dad made for dessert, when I thought afterwards I had to laugh though... chicks.... crispy nests, hahaha, I thought people would think I was confused thinking Easter was coming up! :P

(They may have made me look a bit crazy but they did come out pretty tasty! :0)
We all had a really good day in the end, all my dads food was delicious as usual, mmm... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, we finished off the last of the leftover cake today!
See you all super soon,
Bye xxxx


  1. Cute and yummmmmy! So creative! You, yet again, came up with the most cute and creative idea ever!

  2. don't know why chickes and easter eggs can't be a year round thing myself :P I love mini eggs and nowhere does them as soon as easter is gone

    very cute chicks :)

  3. Cucki: thank you :) xxx
    Alyssa: thanks :D xxx
    Alessia: hehehe thanks, you are too kind! Xxx :)
    Springmusican: mmmm yeah the are nice, where do they go? Xxx
    Kerryp77: thank you :0) xxx


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