Thursday, 20 June 2013

Today is the start of something new :D

Hi everybody,
Today I finished the last ever of my A-level exams meaning I am done- finito- done, done, done, done, done!
It is a fabulous feeling as now the next chapter of my life can finally begin- what I worked so hard for- to go to university and study costume production; my dream career!
I have the holidays and several weeks and lots to do before I head off to do that but I am so happy as now I can really start the rest of my life :)
Hehehe, I was just so happy I wanted to share my thoughts with you all!
Thank you all for all of your lovely comments and reading my blog and everything as all of it really helped me through my Alevel/exam years being able to talk to all you fabulous people!
See you all soon (when normal posting will resume- but with all the new stuff in my life included too :P),
Byeeeeeee XXX


  1. hurrah!!! enjoy your summer and god luck for uni. x

  2. Hurray, :) have a lovely summer, though don't forget my advice, :) have fun hun

  3. Kerryp77: Thank you :D xxx

    springmusician: Yay! Heheh, how could I ever forget :P Will do :) xxx

  4. Congratulations Jordan! :) Are you going to go away for university?

    1. Thank you :D Yeah I am but it is only about and hour or so away from my home :) xxx


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