Friday, 14 June 2013

Fathers day bunting


As I am sure many of you will know this Sunday is Fathers Day :D As my dads handmade gift I wanted to make him something fun and happy. I picked up some cool ice cream/lolly fabric in Rainbows in the Isle Of Wight but I wasn't quite sure of my plan when I bought it but it made me smile. About a week ago I decided on bunting! My dad had to throw away his other bunting as it had faded because it was outside in the sun (and rain) for the last two summers. I found some more fabric and ribbon from my stash and..... here it is all finished:

I have wrapped it up ready, I hope it likes it :0) I went with Chelsea football club blue (my dads favourite colour because he loves Chelsea! :)
On Sunday we are all having yummy banana splits to celebrate Fathers Day too :P mmmmm.... I can't wait.
Hehehe, I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are!
See you all soon,
Bye XxXxX


  1. Hope he likes your present, they are very good, nice for summer party

  2. Fab bunting Jordan! Well done. I'm sure your Dad will love it. Laura x

  3. cucki: Thank you, we had a good day :D xxx

    springmusician: Hehe, he was very pleased so I was happy! xxx

    Chaucers Aunty: Thank you :0) xxx


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