Saturday, 21 September 2013

More hats!

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't posted sooner! I have been settling into my new uni accommodation (the house I share with a landlady and her dog Mabel :P) and have been going into the college for the different induction days too- I start properly sewing/costume making/my course on Wednesday!!! :D Soo close now!!!!
I have finished a few more hats in the time I have had because the induction days in the college aren't full days so I have been having a morning or afternoon off most days.
Here is my little collection of apple/fruit hats:

They were quite quick to make but hopefully quite fun, and I think they are pretty appropriate for the fruit smoothie bottles they will be sold on! :oP
Some little 'love hats' (using my applique heart I designed on top)- I am probably going to make several more of these in some different colour combos :):

Hehehe, and last but not least my ice cream scoop hat! This one is mint choc chip (my new food love!) I will probably also try to re-create some other flavours too as these ones are super fun to make with the little cherry and whipped cream :o):

I am home for the weekend now so it is nice to be with my family again, I missed them lots being away from home just a few days! I'm off now to raid my fridge to get the leftover cake from my birthday that they have saved for me whilst I have been away- and probably to get started on more hats :P Then we are heading off to Autographica (an event where you can meet astronauts etc... that my brother likes to visit each year).
I hope all of you have a great weekend!
See you all again soon,
Byeeeeeeeeee my lovely friends :) xxxxxxxxxooooooooxxxx


  1. Aww they all so cute ❤️❤️
    Hugs x

  2. I love them! So gorgeous.
    Good luck for Wednesday :)

    1. Thanks :-) It is so close now I only have to wait till tomorrow! :D xxx

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love the one that looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Yum!

    1. Hehe, i'm glad you like the hats! Thank you :0) xxxx

  4. lovely hats, yum ice cream :p

    glad you've had a good first few days xx

    I think I should have told you the golden uni rule every older student told me, don't go home until you stop missing home :P since you've broken this in the first week i'm sure it's fine, but I got told it's hard to get used to being an adult living without parents if you keep dropping back home and that you shouldnt go home in the first few weeks just cause it makes it harder to go back to uni cause you just miss home so much, I myself couldn't afford to go home much so it wasn't an option for me
    :) student rules are of course meant to be broken :P hope you have been busy partying and making friends :P say hi to your family from me :)

    1. Thanks! XXX

      They are going ok :) Bit slow but I only have to wait till tomorrow to start properly now :D Hehe, I don't break many rules but I am breaking that one :P I can see how it may work for some people but for me i'm glad I got to see my family and although I missed them when I had to go back it made them feel less far away which made me feel better :) I hope everything is good with you and you are enjoying being back! xxx

    2. hugs
      sorry so late to reply

      glad you and your family are close. and its cool as ong as you can continue to afford it the rule is kinda made to be broken if you have the money, really applies to those who can't afford to flit back money wise, and who live further away from families. I live 2 hours away but can't afford to see them often, while my friend Kirsty who is here would find it easier to afford but her family live in Wales


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