Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's my birthday!!!


Yes, today is officially my Birthday! :D I have had a fabulous day with my lovely family :-)
My Dad as usual amazed me with the birthday cake he made for me- it was so lovely to look at and to eat! (though my eyes were too big for my belly and I ate a bit too much :P)
Here it is in all its lovely leopard print and cute little mouse/bunny glory :D:

Isn't he adorable :3

Also as usual I was blown away by my family's generosity and thoughtfulness in the presents they got me because having them is a gift enough- and all the lovely stuff they got me ready for uni too- I seriously thought I might wake up and have stuff taken off me instead of getting more gifts as it seems like I have had more than my lot already!
Here are some pictures of my wonderful gifts- Thank you to all my lovely family and friends for all of them:
I am soo excited about reading all of these books :) I have already gained inspiration for my Halloween costume from the fashion book my friend got me :P

Hehe, two Kawaii fuzzy Llamas and a fluffy jacket to match- what more could a girl ask for? ;)

My mum got me the two little craft kits and my wonderful, lovely, brilliant brother got me the Hamtaro Bijou plush (he also got me a very cool Domo poster which I will post a picture of when it is up and the words he wrote inside my card he made for me were so lovely that they made me cry! And on top of all of that he offered to buy me a film and a Mcflurry- because I love them so much!)

I can now top up my chocolate stash thanks to my friends and dad (my friends also got me a pretty picture frame with a picture in it of all of us at my Halloween party dressed up- haha, it is coming to uni with to make me smile each day)

Some lunchboxes and luxurious bath stuff courtesy of my dad, I love the cat lunchbox as it reminds me of the Lucky Chinese cats!

And last but by far not least some cool Dvds and Cds. I have been wanting to watch the films for ages- mainly for all the amazing costumes in them and who doesn't love a bit of Andre Rieu? :P
Thank you again to my family and friends as my day would not have been so  special without you to share it with xxx
Hahaha, I hope all of you have had a wonderful day as well, see you all soon with more Innocent hat knitting news!
See you all soon,
Bye xxx 


  1. Happy birthday dear
    Truly a very sweet cake..I love it
    Such lovely gifts too
    Sending you big hugs
    Cucki x

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Your cake is amazing :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am lucky to have such a talented dad- he always amazes me with his creations! :) xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! Those llamas are too cute! :)

    1. Hahaha, everytime I look at them I am like awww! :P xxx

  4. hey, I love your lovely pressents, your family have been very genourous
    happy belated birthday xxx

    although I now see you like Andre Rieu I am going to make it my mission to show you as many good musicians as possible, in order to stop you liking him :P long story, but I have a massive dislike for his playing and attitude. I think it's also the fact I'm a wind player, we have a high dislike of string players as it is :P Alison Balsam, and Hayley Westenra are amazing (tho hayley isn't trained, she has a very sweet style, it's pretty, and her voice very innocent) Kiri Te Kanawa and Angela Ghiourghiu are amazing singers you might like aswell. I'm jking about making you dislike him of course, but will see it as my mission to share as much good classical musicians as possible with you as singing classical music is my passion :P

    the cleopatra film you've got is amazing though :P and 'm jealous of your lunch boxes :P

    1. Thanks, yes, they have all be so amazingly generous!

      I will have to look some of those musicians up- we can see if I can be swayed from camp Rieu :P

      I can't wait to watch the film!!!!! It looks sooo good!

      I hope everything is going well for you with getting back to uni and everything :) xxx

    2. My dad likes Rieu, every time he tries to put him on tv my whole family groan

      I think he's pompous, and when I have heard/seen him play on radio/radio I just feel he's playing music without feeling, I have heard musicians with so much emotion I have had tingles down my back, and tears in my eyes, even if I did not know the language of a singer, or if there is no words at all in instrumental piece, his music just feels so unemotional, like he does it just for the money. that's why I don't like him, music isn't music without the emotion from the player

  5. oh and I love your llamas, though one looks like a sheep in the pic :P I love sheep aswell

    the last emperor film is good aswell

    in fact,just totally lucky you :P you've got some epic pressies

    1. though I'm certain one of those llamas is really a sheep in disguise :P his neck is too short to be a llama

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope it was awesome and you got a lot of gifts!!! This is a special day we are talking about! Bring on the presents! :D

  7. Aww! late birthday wishes to you. Wow! Amazing presents and what a fantastic cake! clever Dad! Sweet Hamtaro ^_^

    1. Thank you :) heheh, yes he is very clever! Hamtaro is fab! xxx


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