Friday, 22 November 2013

***12 days of Christmas giveaway winner!***

Helllooo, helllo, helloooo!

I am here to do the special job of announcing the 12 days of Christmas giveaway winner :D
There was lots of entries for this giveaway which was nice to see :) But now, drum roll please........ the lucky winner of the 12 little parcels is.......
Jordyn Dunaway!!!

 Image from: here!
If you could send your address to then I can get your prizes on their way to you!
I hope you all have all had a good week and have something nice planned for the weekend to treat yourselves :-) As usual don't worry if it you were not the winner this time as I try to keep lots of fun stuff not far around the corner o<:0 p="">
See you soon,
Byeeeeeeeee xxx


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