Sunday, 17 November 2013

Uni stuff and The Asian Wedding Show!


I hope you are all well :)
This Friday at Uni my costume group was back in scenics to finish our taster of the scenic peoples course (as part of our carousel I mentioned in another post :-). That meant I was able to get my mask finished, yay! I was pleased with how it came out seen as I am not so great at painting. Some of the girls masks were amazing- Just like the ones out of the Lion King!!!
Here is mine, it is meant to be a forest/tree lady:

My favourite part was probably adding the gold paint and the flowers which I added glitter too (because sparkly things are pretty!)
Also this week we had our bit of time in the lighting department which I found really fascinating. We set up a little scene using some props and lights and music. We used different colours and tried out different angles of light and we even used a screen and switched which lights were on and off to allow only certain dolls in our scene to be seen at any one time- they could almost disappear and appear in different places in our little set using just lights! Here are some pictures I took of my day, our story/scene had a Cinderella theme:


I think lighting is something I may experiment with more at home when taking pictures of my dolls in outfits I have made them :-)
In other news, yesterday me and my mum went to the International Asian Wedding And fashion show:
I really wanted to go to look at all the beautiful dresses and learn more about Asian fashion.
It was FANTASTIC!!! I had such a brilliant day, I looked around all the stalls and my mum even treated me to some beautiful Indian Saree fabric for me to try making something pretty with:

And we got to see a whole hour long catwalk show in which the models could only be described as looking like stunning princesses- some of the beading on the dresses was breathtaking! I felt like I had been transported to a wonderful exotic palace and was watching all the royals walking around, It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of the catwalk I managed to get between peoples heads :P:

Hahah and If that wasn't enough for one weekend yesterday evening we also went to the theatre to see 'Barking in Essex' which was really funny and since I have been at theatre based college I have learnt so much more about the theatre making it even more interesting to go to now :o)
Hahah, Im off to bed now after all my fun busyness! More costume history tomorrow- yay! ( I promise I will get round to doing a post about that sometime soon :)
See you all soon,
Byeeeeeeee my lovely readers xxXxXxXxXXxX 


  1. Your mask turned out beautiful!!!!!

    1. Thanks :) I am very pleased with it, I am going to add it to my mask collection! :P xxxx

  2. The show looks amazing, such stunning dresses!

  3. That is sooooo preeeetty (all of it). The mask is fabulous and I am absolutely jealous of you going to that show. It looks like so much fun! :D xxx


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