Sunday, 10 November 2013

A patchwork charm bag for me :)

I hope you are all well :) 
This weekend apart form some costume history work (I am planning to do a post soon on some of the stuff I am learning in that lesson as it is very fun and interesting- I may even make some mini garments for my doll from the times so they can model and show you all 'the look' :-P) I didn't have tons to do which was good as it means I got to start another craft project!
I was inspired by the pouch I saw on Steph's blog which she made to put some Halloween treats in. I decided to start making a similar patchwork style purse/bag out of different bits of scrap fabric and all the findings, charms and beads I have been collecting for so long and haven't got round to using yet!
I want to make each square/patch say something about me or what I like, I have only got the main sides done so far, still the flap and then all the sewing together and lining left to do but here are some work in progress pics;
Hehe, I love sponge bob so he had to be featured :P
I also love apples!
I think leopard print is really cool, and different cool/cute dolls which is what I put the Russian doll fabric in for :)
The little scrap of African fabric in the corner under Spongebob was given to me By Stefany the dressmaker where I work sometimes so that is special to me too :3

My sweet tooth is also huge!

Christmas is probably my favourite holiday of all time!!!

With Halloween coming close because cute creepy stuff is amazing too!
I don't have too much stuff going on Tuesday so I will probably get down to work and try to finish it then. I reckon I will manage it as now I am back at my uni house I can use my machine which I brought with me, at home I have been hand sewing everything (which I don't mind actually) :P It is so much fun just being so creative with it and sewing on all the ribbons and buttons and charms making it all personal to me!
See you all again soon,
Byeeeee xxx


  1. Looks exciting, can't wait to see the finished item!

  2. ooo love it, will expect to see patchwork bags in your shop soon :P xx

  3. That is zoo cute! I am so excited to see what awesome creativity Jordan has to share next! :P

    1. Hhaha, I'm glad you like it :0) Thanks! xx


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