Sunday, 3 November 2013

A little catch up

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all well and I hope you all had a great Halloween too! Me and my family had a good time, we watched the 'Great Pumpkin' episode of Peanuts which was cool and I made these Pizzas and Garlic bread, shaped like mummies and monsters and ghosts which was also fun (the mummy ones were an idea from a Warburtons ad but I used pittas and cheestrings to create a similar effect :P):

I don't think I did too bad for the limited range of materials I had in the holiday kitchen (a bit 5-year-old-ish but I had fun!!!)
My dad also carved this funny little pumpkin face (with tiny stalk and everything!) into a yogurt peanut for me as we were all in the mood for tiny stuff after my rice keyring, and we didn't manage to pick up a real pumpkin this year:
Hehehe, it was adorable, I munched him down that evening though :P
The rest of my holiday was very good too, I picked up some more great fabric from Rainbow's and also some more special bits for the Christmas giveaway coming soon...ooooohhhh......! And this weekend at home we had some fireworks for bonfire night :)
I also finished off the rest of the green donut jumpsuit for lalaloopsy and started on a pair of dungarees too:

Hahah, the crazy dungarees fabric was actually part of the stash I bought at Rainbow's, she just needs a top to go underneath them now as it is a bit cold to be that naked :-P That is next on my to do list!
I start college again tomorrow- and I have my first lesson on costume history, YAY :D I am very excited, I have been reading my book on Corsets and suchlike over the holiday so hopefully that will help me be extra clued up.
I'm off to bed now, see you all again soon,
Bye XxXxXx
P.s. I have just listed a few more bits on my shop over the weekend (some mini Llama pin cushions!) and there are more things, like fimo buttons which I should have up by the end of this week so please do check if you get time, just in case you see something you like- just click the shop button at the top of my blog on the side to be transported there :o) Thanks! xxxxxxxxxxooooooxxxxx Bye :3


  1. I love everything in this post :P especially your lalaloopsys new clothing and the tiny peanut pumpkin :P
    Enjoy costume history, that sounds really interesting you'll have to tell me lots about it

    1. Hehe, I loved my tiny peanut pumpkin soo much!

      Thanks, it was good :-D We learnt all about the greeks and romans- I was thinking of maybe doing a little post about the kind of stuff i learn- to share my costumey knowledge that I am gaining :0) xxx


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