Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Better connection :)


I'm glad to say that the Internet connection here in the IOW is much better so I can now come and give you all some updates!

Me and my family had a good time in Lyme Regis but the highlight of the trip would definitely have to be Rolys Fudge! It was absolutely delicious and melt in the mouth sugary goodness!

There were lots of different flavours from chocolate and honeycomb to lemon meringue and chilli (which was pretty hot actually!). They also had a range of fudge sauces which are yummy too (I have been eating them on ice cream warmed up! Mmmm):

And the good news is they have on online shop so I can order more fudge for special occasions at home! If you like fudge (or even if you dont- my dad doesn't but he did like rolys fudge :p) it is well worth treating yourself I would say: https://rolysfudge.co.uk/

Me abd my family have  also been having a good time in the IOW.

I have been collecting bits for a giveaway when I get back- so keep your eyes peeled! :-)

I have also had some time to get working on my next items for my shop.... using some cool fabric I got on my holiday travels. :) here is a teaser pic:

If you are intrigued keep an eye on my shop as my new items will be up within a week!

Today we went shopping in Newport and I think tomorrow we are going to play bowling and then head on to the chocolate apothecary for lunch- I can't wait! 

I will leave you with this picture of stone henge I took from the car while stuck in traffic when on my holiday travels... It really is fascinating stone henge, isn't it? :)

Ooh, and also this pretty picture of some pink seaweed I think, that  I took on the beach at lyme regis when fossil hunting, it has given me some inspiration for some textile art/felting projects as I thought it was very pretty in a way:

Hehe, see you all again soon.I hope you are well,

Bye xoxoxo

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  1. Awesome Stone henge pic! Roly's fudge looks rather yum! XoX


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