Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last bits of holiday news...

I am back from all of my holidays now, so I thought I would bring you my last few bits of news and pictures :)
First up- In the IOW there is a HUGGGGEEEEE Tesco Extra (I mean really huge! It looks like an airport hanger from the outside!). When me and my family were wandering around it I spotted some really cool biscuit spreads down the jam and spreads aisle; Bourbon biscuit, cookie, custard cream and cookies and cream :D I got sooo excited when I saw them- My parents treated me and my brother to the whole set to try (and also a pot of caramel biscuit spread which was on sale in Sainsbury's too :P). I can whole heartedly recommended all of them, they are so delicious (not very healthy though, so be warned if you do buy some- you will eat it all!). Me and my brother have been dipping everything in them :P:
Hehehe, did you spot the little bunny in the middle of all the jars? He is my latest little friend :) He is called Mr bunny and he is a hand needle felted little character made by a lady on the IOW. He was displayed in chocolate apothecary (along with some of his needle felted friends also available for sale). I have decided he is going to come with me lots of places as he can fit in my pocket and is quite an adventurous chap (as long as he gets his regular chocolate boost! :P).
Some other cool things I got in the Isle of Wight were these cool fashion plates- they are actually from the era so they are real fashion relics!!!:

They are so interesting to me- especially after completing costume history this year. They are the kind of things I see on slide shows so to own some is amazing! :) There were a pile in an antiques shop and they were only about £4 each- a really good price. I am going to frame them and hang them in my room to make it even more like a couture house :-)
And I also got these 3 little guys:

To add to my hamster collection! They were also handmade on the IOW (at the Arreton barns craft cabin)
My friend Eleanor recently visited the IOW as part of her holidays and she sent me lots of postcards from all the places she had visited which were lovely to receive and learn what she had been up to in the place I love :)
Hehehe, now I have finished being an Isle of Wight  promoter I will move on!
This is the last thing I have to share with all you lovely people. Not anything about holidays- I promise- because you are all probably sick of my holiday updates by now :oP As most of you will probably already know, my dad teaches maths at a primary school. He tries to make the lessons really fun and engaging and one of his aids is a little monkey toy which when it is tossed to you you answer a question :) Up until now the monkey just had a little badge on the front which said 'I LOVE MATHS' but my dad asked me if I could make him a new little shirt. I was happy to accept this fun challenge (definitely the first time I have made anything for a monkey :P)  and this is what I created for the little dude:

I also gave him a little pencil so he can write down all his clever maths calculations!
I really hope the kids like his t-shirt :-) My dad gave me a big hug- from both him and Nev (the monkeys name)
I better go now as Big brother is on (my guilty pleasure!) and then I have to get to bed ready to start my Wedding Dress sewing course tomorrow! Wooooooooooo! I am soo excited :D I will of course post pictures of my make :)
Keep an eye out as the giveaway I mentioned is coming soon also as I have collected all the bits for it now :)
I hope you are all well, speak to you again soon,
Byeeeee XxXxXxX
P.s. all the new makes I posted a teaser of in my last post are up in my shop now so please do check them out :)
Byeeee Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  1. The fashion plates are cool, what are you going to do with them? I love Big Bro too - but don't tell anyone :)

    1. I will probably frame the plates and hang them in my room :) hehe I'm glad I have a fellow big bro buddy! :p xxx

  2. There is so much goodness in this one blog post (except Big Brother, ew, Jordan, you've let me down, I thought we could be friends but now I'm not so sure.... ;D).

    Seriously though, I now just want to go out and buy all of those yummy spreads. Cookies & Cream is calling to me... even the labelling is cute and yummy looking, argh!! Also, those fashion plates look fab~ If you head down to the book market underneath the bridge of South Bank, they have loads of stuff like that from all over, I was looking through them one time and was just admiring all the Victorian/Edwardian fashion (History of Costume nerd alert). AND THE MONKEY AND IT'S LITTLE T-SHIRT IS SO CUTE.

    1. Haha, sorry. I'm glad you will still be my friend! They are so tasty you deffo need to get some!

      I ooh I will have to go and look as no hiding I am also a costume history nerd!

      Hehe thanks! Xxxx can't wait to see you again and catch up in September :)

  3. Wow! Those biscuit spreads sound amazing! I love reading about your holibobs! Monkey looks awesome! XOX


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