Thursday, 7 August 2014

Inverness update


I hope you are all doing really well :-) I have got some updates from my holiday to share with you now :)

First up some loch Ness monster related pics (or Nessie as she/he is sometimes called :p)
This is the centre me and my family visited. I learnt lots of cool facts and information such as the loch Ness is big enough to submerge everyone in the whole world 3 times over!!!! And at one point it is deeper than the BT tower is tall!

Here is a shot of the huge loch I took while staring out looking for Nessie :p:

Next, just a quick flash of some more tartan, this time from some Vivienne Westwood designs using Scottish tartan displayed at kiltmakers:

And this the the tartan for the Macbeth name, quite colourful I thought compared to Shakespeare dark tale:

And here are the kiltmakers hard at work:

I might try and visit 1 more kiltmakers before the holiday is up, I love seeing the 100s of varieties of tartan it fascinates me, but my family may get bored of me staring for hours! Which I easily could do :p

I have almost got you up to date now, almost! Yesterday me and my family went on a walk along all the little islands on the water (you cross little bridges to get to them) and then walked around Inverness botanic gardens.

The waterfront:

The wild flowers at the botanic gardens, they were a combo of daisies and poppies just like on my dress I made:

Then they had a tropical greenhouse, it was so lush!  It was landscaped wonderfully and they had so many amazing tropical plants I had never even seen before! Very impressive considering the Scottish climate,  which doesn't gave the best reputation for being warm and sunny :p Have you seen any of the crazy plants before?.....:

Last but not least on my catch up, me and my family went dolphin watching at the Moray of Firth. When we went in the morning there were no dolphins but the lady told us to come back later about 3 (because the tides would be right that day at that time) and sure enough we did see some. Two Bottlenose dolphins in fact! We had to use our binoculars to see them clearly but I did also manage to get some snaps of fins and tails in the distance. It is a bit like Where's Wallly but is you look closely you can see little fins and splashes in the water :):

It was quite exciting as I hadn't got my hopes up that we would see anything because nature is fickle and you never really know for sure :)

I better go and get ready for whatever we are doing today... I am not quite sure exactly what that is though yet :p

See you again soon,

Bye xoxoxo


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