Friday, 15 August 2014

I am very happy!

Hi everyone,

I am very happy for many reasons :) Firstly because of the wonderful surprise I got yesterday! I was 'sneak attacked' on etsy (which is actually a good thing) my shop was chosen and promoted on the sneak attack blog by the wonderful sneak attack etsy team (as my shop is fairly undiscovered by most)- and guess what- because of this promotion I made my first sale!!! I also found out about the whole scheme and joined the team do I can find out about other cool small shops and help get them noticed like they helped me :) here is the blog: they were promoting lots of good shops so check it out for some good etsy gift ideas!

Secondly I got my papers yesterday to confirm that I definitely passed my first year of uni. Both my friends got into uni too! So good news all round and a huge congrats to my friends :-)

Thirdly I have made more progress on the red dress 1/2 scale I have had as a long term project at home.  Here is how the gathering of the skirt is going, it was kind up a made up process of pinching and twisting the larger petticoat to gather it up to be the same size as the lining :) It is just like I wanted though and I think it is quite effective:

Fourthly (if fourthly is even a thing you can say? :p)  I am enjoying spending lots of time with my lovely family! We walked over the 02 the other day. That was a cool experience.  Here are some of the shots of the view. Walking up was actually quite hard it was quite steep (the walkway):

And I am off with my family to Lyme Regis tomorrow so that should be fun to explore together! :) 

I hope you are all happy as well :-)

I will be back to chat with Al of you my lovely readers super soon,

Byeee xxx


  1. Have a lovely time dear with your family
    Hugs x

  2. Exciting times! Congrats! The gathering on your dress is lovely. Enjoy your holiday :)

  3. That is all awesome news! *HUGS* xox


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